In accordance with Article 13 of the GDPR, we kindly inform you that the data you enter will be stored and processed to be able to deliver our services to you. This page informs you about your rights, specifically as the data subject; how you may object to us processing your data; and how you may raise a complaint.
You may also review our Privacy Policy for more general information.

Information about the data controller

Company name Software Spinner GmbH
Address Lindengasse 56, 1070 Wien
Email address


Information about the data protection officer

Email address


Processing Purposes

  • Processing and transmitting data to file tax returns with the IRS.
  • Communication and invoicing necessary to deliver our services.


Data recipients

The data you enter will be used to prepare your tax return(s) with the IRS. As such, all data you enter may be forwarded to the IRS, as will be applicable by your tax profile.

In addition to the IRS, employees of Software Spinner may access your data if necessary to resolve a support request raised by you or to review the data you entered prior to sending it to the IRS.

Your payment details will be forwarded to our payment solution provider.

All data you enter will be kept on record in line with legal requirements, generally for at least 7 years (see the table below for details) to be in line with Austrian legal requirements.

Note that all data will be deleted or pseudonymised within at most 12 months if you close your account with us, with the explicit exception of your tax forms. We will retain the PDF forms of completed tax returns for at least 10 years, due to legal requirements from the IRS. However, they will no longer be linked to your name or other personally identifiable data.

Data categories Retention time
/ At least:
Software Spinner IRS Payment Provider
Data categories Retention time / At least Software Spinner IRS Payment Provider
IP-Address 6 months X
Name 7 years X X
Email address 3 years X X
Citizenship 7 years X
Address 7 years X
Year of tax return(s) 7 years X
Price (and discount, if applicable) 7 years X X
Credit Card 7 years X X
Employer 7 years X
Date of moving abroad 7 years X
Dates of travelling to the US 3 years X
Types of income 7 years X
Annual gross income 7 years X
Tax deductions 7 years X
Birthday 7 years X
Password Until account deletion X
Marital status 7 years X
Partner’s citizenship 7 years X
Foreign Income Exclusion 7 years X
Number of children 7 years X
Names of children 7 years X
Sex of children 7 years X
Birthdays of children 7 years X
Disability of children 7 years X
US Social Security number of children 7 years X
Foreign Bank Account Report 7 years X
US Social Security number 7 years X
Confirmation of completion 7 years X
Tax forms as PDFs 10 years X X


Your rights as the data source

Under the GDPR, you have several rights regarding the data you entered:

  • You may edit data you entered unless they have already been submitted as part of a tax return to the IRS.
  • If you want to remove your data from our servers, please send an email to If you want to download your data before removal, please make sure to note so in the email request.
  • You may demand that we limit the processing of all or some of your data, but this will result in you not being able to use MyExpatTaxes to its full extent.
  • You may also request that we identify third parties who may have received your data. All of these requests can also be sent to

If you find reason to file a complaint, you may do so with the appropriate authorities. For Austria, that is the Datenschutzbehörde:

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